The Good Work Fellowship taps into the deep potential of our communities to catalyze good work in the Hudson Valley by facilitating experiential learning, collaboration, and connections among cohorts of fellows based throughout the region. Click here for a more in-depth overview.

Who are Fellows?
We are seeking a diversity of locally-engaged leaders from community and nonprofit organizations, local businesses, and government whose demographics and socio-economic backgrounds bring a cross-section of the perspectives represented in the Hudson Valley into each cohort. 

Fellows are initiators responding to the call to good work in their places, and can answer “yes” to these questions: 

  • Are you - or do you desire to become - a place-based practitioner of work that helps make your place equitable and thriving? 
  • Are you ready and open to share your experience with, and allow your work to benefit from support of, the Good Work Network?
  • Can you dedicate time to develop more skills, connections, confidence and courage to actualize the potential of your place? 

Details of the 2019 Spring Fellowship

  • This is a regional program with sessions and projects organized around sub-regional hubs. Each fellow will be assigned to a hub based on where they are located.
  • This is an experiential program, where fellows grow skills and build relationships by designing and testing inquiries collaboratively.  Reflection, both inner and shared in teams, is a key component of the learning process. 
  • Full scholarships are awarded to all fellows invited to participate. In addition, in order to ensure that finances don’t create a barrier to participation for any qualified applicants, we have some financial assistance available via a simple application process to help with travel costs, childcare, lost wages, or other financial barriers. 
  • Invitation to participate in the fellowship is by application only.

Applications due: November 18, 2018

Click here to see a list of scheduled sessions

Note: The application form saves automatically as you go but you may also save a draft (button at bottom of page). Contact with any additional questions.

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